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Title: Voices
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine 
Spoilers: Um, couting everything?
Word Count: 1,413
Summary: A Little Mermaid modern adaptation for Klaine AU Friday: Fairytale!Klaine. Kurt Hummel had been swimming ever since he was born. Of course, being one of Burt Hummel’s, of Hummel Swim Gym, prodigy children, it was kind of expected of him. But Kurt definitely did not want to be what anybody expected.
Author’s Note: I was inspired. Hopefully you’ll like this one. And if anybody does like it and wants to see more of my work, don’t. “Fine Days” has to be beta’d and some parts of it have to be rewritten… anyway, read on! Ohhhh, btw, this is based more on the Disney version than the original one, because I don’t like or don’t know how to write tragedy, yet.

Aaaand, I hope to finish this by tomorrow (it’ll still be Friday here in Brazil…), if it doesn’t turn out too long. If it does, then It’ll be done by the end of the weekend, probably. 

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